• What would change

    if you could work with perfect clients 100% of the time?


  • Why

    Many businesses know that 20% of their clients bring 80% of their revenues. These are their best clients: loyal, enthusiastic, they use their products and services productively and recommend them to others. Also they pay on time and provide recurrent business.

    Companies are looking for a way to increase the percentage of this "perfect" clients. These are not perfect as people, but rather a "perfect" fit with their business.

    An aspect of sales is that is a profession which generates stress at all levels: to the sales person, the Sales Manager and the leadership.

    When the goal is to create clients at any price, there is not enough analysis done about the type of clients that fit the business model and company's core business.

    Many companies discover too late that the philosophy "a good client is that which pays" takes them to situations of irreversible losses.

    The "Attracting Perfect Customers" method of which I am a Certified Facilitator, introduces a system part analytical, part intuitive, that transforms erroneous habits of years and provides a framework to analyse and optimise sales actions on a continuous manner.


    Benefits from the "Attracting Perfect Customers" method:

    My name is Marinma Dorado and I have been using this method for attracting perfect customers since 2011.I am a Certified Facilitator since 2014.

    Once I became certified, I started to use it for my own sales and also to provide Sales Coaching to executives from all over the world with spectacular results.

    These are some of the benefits I found:


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    It decreases stress

    There is stress in coming back again and again to a prospect that is not "perfect" for your business. Even if he eventually buys, further along in the sales cycle, sales benefits will turn to losses. I have seen it in different forms: clients that changed their mind and wanted their money back after they had used the product, others that wanted product customisation that was not included in the contract, those who bought it but would not use it and left it inside a drawer or those who used it wrongly and gave bad references, damaging reputations in the market. All this could be avoided using the "Attracting Perfect Customers" method.


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    It connects you with people who appreciate what you bring to the table

    It is very satisfactory to do business with people who appreciate what you bring to the table. They become your raving fans, use your products intensively, extract its benefits and become your best Marketing team bringing their testimony to the market. They recommend your products and services to their network.

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    You increase your sales without struggle (and having fun)

    There is a huge difference from struggling with your prospects to having fun with your customers. When the match with your customers is "perfect", there is maximum enjoyment and minimum stress. Why would it be stress if they are looking for exactly what you want to provide and that for which you have been preparing?

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    You are efficient

    Efficiency is achieving what you want to achieve with less resources, less time, money and energy. When instead of pushing to acquire clients you attract effortlessly those who need and appreciate your products and services, sales cost decrease, sales cycle time is reduced and you don't need to use so much energy. You will be using the same resources that you used before but will convert more prospects to clients. You will accelerate sales conversion.


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    You are effective

    You are effective when you achieve tangible results. With the "Attractive Perfect Customers" method not only you will attract customers that match perfectly your business, you will also close sales effortlessly achieving what all business people want: clients that buy their products, use them and then promote them.



    The 5 Steps to an "Strategic Attraction Plan" (SAP):

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    Describe your perfect customer


    Describe the characteristics, qualities and attributes of your perfect client so you could recognise it when he shows up. Don't leave anything to chance: from his/her sector, his company's size, how much revenue he will bring, where would you meet him, how open would he be to your pitch, how he is going yo use your products and to whom he would recommend you. And everything else that might occur to you. This is the more analytical part of the Strategic Attraction Plan.


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    What makes you TICK?


    In this second step we will go deeper to discover what makes you TICK, because that is the energy that will glue you and your perfect customer for many years to come. Do you already have a perfect customer? Do you know what drives him or her? That could be the first step to discover what makes you TICK in business and why are you working together.


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    What do you want to deliver?


    In traditional Marketing, the goal is identify what the customer needs and cater to that. This produces some times unintended results, when the company loses its North, and starts delivering products and services not aligned with their core business.

    With the SAP Plan we specify first what we really want to deliver. Our perfect customers want what we want to deliver. That makes business, struggle-free and sustainable.

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    Who do you need to BE to attract your perfect customer?


    Most people don't take action which is incongruent with who we perceive ourselves to be. Or at least not for long.

    In Step 4 we declare who we need to be in order to achieve our goals and then we decide to be it right now. This is what we call a "Being Shift".

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    Attractive Actions vs. Dazzling Distractions


    Nothing changes in business unless you take action. This method helps you to take the most attractive action for achieving your goals.

    Review the last 4 steps and choose an action that is aligned with those steps. That would be an optimum action that will produce results using the minimum resources and time.

    Avoid distractions that look too good to be true: they probably are.



    Check your Strategic Attraction Plan before you take Action!


    About your client

    Is your prospect aligned with the perfect customer that you described in Step 1? This part of the Plan is about your client.



    About you and your client

    Are you and your client driven by the values you described in Part 2 ? This part of the Plan is about you and your client.


    About you

    Are you working within the boundaries of what you decided that you want to deliver in Part 3? This part of the Plan is only about you. 


    Your "Being"

    Are you "Being" what you identified in Part 4 you needed to BE in order to achieve your Goals?

    Remember that it works in this order: BE-DO-HAVE


    Your Actions

    When your Actions are compatible with Steps 1-4, there are Attractive Actions. Take Attractive Action and avoid Dazzling Distractions to create results.



    • Create your Strategic Attraction Plan following the 5 Steps.
    • Review & Update your Plan every day.
    • Take Attractive Action aligned with steps 1 to 4.
    • Keep identifying what is perfect for you and what is not, and update your Plan accordingly.
    • Connect every day to what drives you and take action from that place.
    • Once you identify what you really want to deliver in your business, don't step out of the boundaries that you have established for yourself.
    • Create your more powerful "Being" every morning.
    • Avoid dazzling distractions that would keep you away from your goals.


  • Limiting Beliefs

    Your limiting beliefs can block the process of attracting perfect customers

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    "We need to educate the market"

    I heard this sentence many times, especially in a B2B environment. You can make yourself believe that your prospects don't understand you, when the reality is that there are not a perfect match for what you want to provide with your business.

    Instead of wasting time "educating" the prospects that reluctantly accept what you provide, do business with those customers that are looking right now for your products and services in the market.


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    "There is too much competition"

    Many times I have seen sales managers panicking when they thought there were competitors in an account. I have even seen companies to withdraw from an opportunity because they thought the competitors were already there, even before the prospects could make a decision.Your perfect customer is perfect for you and not for your competitor. Equally, if the match with a prospect seems too difficult, perhaps you are not the perfect provider for them, and someone else is.



  • Rumi- persian mystic poet, 13th century

    "What you seek is seeking you"

  • Monday Mindset

    Find inspiration on Monday morning!

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    My mission is to catalyse 10,000 companies from all over the world to switch to an inspirational Monday call: The Mindset Monday call!

    I have talked with hundreds of sales people who have told me that the classic Monday call discourage them and bring their energy down. Sometimes they take one or two days to recover from that call!


    I propose a switch from a Monday sales call to the Monday Mindset call.


    Some characteristics from the Monday Mindset call are:

    • There is transformation, not just information.
    • People are looking forward to the Monday Mindset call because they come out inspired and with energy that lasts all week.
    • They will not be judged or criticised; they will be energised.
    • It is a fun call, with plenty of "aha moments".
    • Each person can express their vulnerability and the group wisdom will surface.
    • The connection between people is deepened.
    • There will be a review of perfect and non perfect relationships that the sales people have encountered, and there will be a "turnaround" process for the "non perfect" ones.
    • There will be a reconnection with what drives us, what makes us TICK.
    • We will review what we want our perfect customer to expect from us.
    • We will upgrade our "Being".
    • We will come up with Attractive Actions and identify Dazzling Distractions so we can avoid them.

    Receive "Attracting Perfect Customers" training in your preferred format:

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    Inspirational Pill-90 minutes

    Unlearn habits

    In 90 minutes you will question the way you have been selling for years. You are going to toss certain habits that no longer serve you. You will learn that there is an easier and more effective way to create clients. You will leave inspired.

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    Express Workshop-3 hours

    Create your first Strategic Attraction Plan

    In these 3 hours we will work together to produce your first Strategic Attraction Plan. You will leave with a roadmap that you can use straight way. It will be up to you to flesh out the plan and develop further the concepts you learn.

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    Workshop-One day

    Produce a complete plan to attract Perfect Customers

    In this full day workshop we will create a detailed Strategic Attraction Plan tailored made to your sales objectives. We will study the new concepts in detail so you can internalise them. The participants will share experiences and we will examine those under the light of the SAP plan. There will be plenty of breakthroughs and "aha moments".


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    Retreat-2 days

    Identify and destroy limiting beliefs to attract perfect customers

    In 2 days we will create an Strategic Attraction Plan and will have time to do much more. For example, there will be more time to share real experiences and even sales situations that you are dealing with right now. We will examine them under the light of this new sales method. We will also review how to remove limiting beliefs that are blocking us in the process of acquiring perfect clients.

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    Programme-3 to 6 months

    Change your way of working forever

    Changing habits and beliefs is not easy. The 1 and 2 days workshops are the beginning, but if you want to change your organisation's sales habits forever, a 3 to 6 months programme will provide the follow-up that you need and it could be custom-made and tailored to your needs.



    Marinma Dorado, "Attracting Perfect Customers" method Certified Facilitator.

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    My story

    In 2011 I was already 16 years in sales jobs and was near physical and emotional "burn out".

    When I read Jan Stringer's "Attracting Perfect Customers" I discover a new paradigm to create sales without so much struggle. I liked the lighthouse metaphor in the book, in which we become a light that will deliver only to these ships that really need us to find their way. The lighthouse is anchored in the beach. It does not develop arms and legs and moves around trying to catch the attention of all the ships so they can use its light. It would be a disaster. I was a bit like that in my B2B sales, pushing the clients that wanted our products and those who didn't. That created a lot of stress in my world. Using the "Attracting perfect customers" method I started to practice a more fluid way to partner with my customers in which together we would find solutions for their business needs.

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